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n3t Template

n3t Template

Component Joomla 3.x

This component allows administrator to pre-define HTML templates, categorize them into the category tree and manage them. Those templates are then accessible to approved users by editor button.

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1.8.1 2015-06-29

n3tTemplate component is content templating extension for Joomla. Some of it features are:

  • Define templates (code snippets) in the backend, categorize it, publish it, asssign access level to it etc..
  • Access the tree of such defined templates by button displayed below the editor of content article, and insert it to your editor.
  • Define which template should automatically load to editor for which content category.
  • Specify template which will be automatically prepended or appended to content article in specific category.
  • Use powerfull plugin system, to select other content than templates (files, folders, or even youtube videos) and insert links to it or 3rd party plugin codes to display it.
  • Use indirect templating to display same code in many articles, and still have chance to modify it on one place.

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